Pitch successfully Launch the PF2000 Economy Seat with Monarch Airlines


Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems have successfully launched their new PF2000 fixed back economy seat with Monarch Airlines in the UK. The seat has been specifically designed to maximize passengers’ living space whilst also providing airlines with a high density light weight seating solution. By using modern design principles and intelligent packaging, the PF2000 seat significantly improves the leg room and living space over traditional economy seats. The seat shape has been ergonomically developed to provide comfort and support during a typical short haul flight, while the backrest has been optimised at the minimum seat pitch to deliver a fixed recline that is greater than a standard economy seat in Taxi, Take-off and Landing position.

Pitch worked closely with Monarch and customer focus groups to develop some passenger-led unique features. The seat back has a modular system above the tray table allowing Pitch to provide alternative storage solutions to suit differing airline requirements. Monarch chose to incorporate a unique tablet holder in this area allowing passengers to create their own personal in-flight entertainment system, an aviation first.

Low cost of ownership is a core design principle of the PF2000 seat. Patented technology and a light weight dress cover system is used to reduce dirt traps, while an ‘easy clean’ bungee system replaces the traditional seat pocket, maximizing storage of passengers’ ‘go-to’ belongings, with minimal cleaning implications. The seat was designed for Pitch by Design Q, a leading aircraft interior design consultancy.





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