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What value do airlines place on perceived quality and branding in Y class seating?  In this highly competitive market sector, cost, weight, durability and availability are the main drivers behind airlines’ purchase decisions. Is there really a need to push for higher perceived quality or have we reached an acceptable plateau with no real need for improvement?

Project Surface is an initiative by aircraft seating company, Pitch, aimed at exploring enhanced surface finishes and branding on the PF3000 economy seat. “We are always looking at ways to make a difference and test the marketplace with new ideas,” says Pitch director, Gary Doy.

“When we look at business and first-class offerings we see significant improvements in craftsmanship and attention to detail setting new standards and driving up customer expectations. We want to open a conversation with airlines about economy class and listen to their feedback”.

Read the full article on the Aircraft Interiors International website: https://www.aircraftinteriorsinternational.com/features/special-report-project-surface.html