Keeping passengers happy in a confined space can be a challenge for Airlines. In a drive to improve passenger space and reduce arguments on board there has been a significant move towards fixed back seats on single aisle aircraft. The PF3000 seat is fixed in a semi recline position giving passengers more personal space and the Airlines lower running costs.  ISRAIR Airlines have been flying the PITCH PF3000 seat on their A320 aircraft since early 2018. To see a TV News Report showing the positive impact of our seats on ISRAIR’s passengers please see video below. The report is under 2 minutes long with most of the dialogue in Hebrew.

Air Rage - Pitch PF3000.jpg

PF3000 Seat in 60 Seconds

Click on the link for a 60 second tour of the PF3000 seat. We have 3” more legroom over a traditional aircraft seat at the same pitch with plenty of space for literature and personal electronic devices.