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Tough Seats: Pitch present at IQPC in Hamburg 04-06 December

Pitch director, Gary Doy, presents the finer details behind testing the PF3000 seat at the IQPC (Innovative Aircraft Seating) in Hamburg this month. The PF3000 seat is certified to the latest 16g (C127b) specification allowing it to be fitted to the new generation of narrow body aircraft.  

Crash Test

Passengers can be very creative when flying economy seats and at Pitch we go out of our way to test for the unexpected. On one flight three passengers found a way to “upgrade” from economy to “lay flat” by using the tray tables of the Pitch seat as bed!

built tough

Tray tables come in for heavy use. We aim to find the best balance between weight at strength! How many aircraft seats can you stand on like this?

tray surfing


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