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Pitch NEWS: New U.K. manufacturing facility opened to develop new seat, the PF3000

Pitch Facility, Redditch, UK

Pitch Facility, Redditch, UK

Pitch Press Release February 2017


Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems set up manufacturing facility in the U.K. and develop it's new seat, the PF3000


Pitch Aircraft Seating has set up a new manufacturing facility in the Midlands to support production of their new PF3000 economy seat. In 2016 Pitch commissioned a bespoke facility with an optimised production layout to cater for high volume aircraft seat production. The production team focused on lean manufacturing techniques and build solutions to reduce the manufacturing time and the handling of components. The facility will be fully operational in the second quarter of 2017.

After careful assessment of the supply base Pitch contracted a select group of specialists who shared it's vision to deliver well designed high quality product. The majority of the suppliers are UK based with complimentary capabilities and a proven track record in the production of aircraft seat components. Pitch worked closely with its's supply partners to understand their capabilities and manufacturing processes. Gary Doy, Director, says "design at all levels plays a key role in the overall quality and success of the product. You have to invest time and work closely with your supply partners to enjoy the benefits of efficient manufacture" 

Pitch are currently recruiting full time employees to support the production and the new product range.



Pitch has developed a new seat, the PF3000, with it's in house team and industry specialists. The seat builds on the attributes of the PF2000 further increasing the passenger space and adding functionality. The seat back is highly sculptured with a low profile bungee storage system and optimised table shape providing excellent leg room even at the tightest pitch. 

The PF3000 is a fixed recline seat with an innovative upper literature pocket. The design of the pocket allows airline to present full size literature in a clean and tidy way ensuring the cabin looks good on every flight. The literature is presented to the passenger in a unique way allowing airlines greater flexibility to brand the cabin through its own material and provide greater visual change in operation. 

A USB power option is available and is located behind the tray table to encourage use by passengers only in flight. The USB is well positioned so passengers can connect their mobile devices with ease. There is a provision to place electronic tablets at a good viewing angle behind the table and store in front of the literature when not in use. This, along with the ability to cater for medium size laptops make the seat an ideal companion for the short haul business traveller. 

The seat is scheduled for production and full certification in Q2 this year and has successfully passed a number of indicative tests including a very comfortable pass in 16G HIC, which is arguably one of the most challenging dynamic tests for an aircraft seat. Pitch has invested in a high degree of computer simulation to ensure the seat is optimised for both the Boeing 737NG and the Airbus A320 family. 

The seat will be officially unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Show in Hamburg on the 4th of April 2017. 



Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems is a UK based seat manufacturer with a focus on innovative high quality products. Set up in 2010 by Gary Doy and Howard Guy, Pitch developed it's first seat, the PF2000 under a joint development agreement with Intier Automotive, a global automotive supplier who manufactured the seat in their Redditch facility. The company launched the PF2000 with Monarch Airlines in 2014, receiving very positive customer feedback for both its space efficiency and impact on the cabin.


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Design Q

Pitch is a design led manufacturing company with a strong belief that innovative solutions and considered products make good business sense. Our design partner, Design Q, is an industrial design and prototyping specialist with over 18 years’ experience in the Aircraft Industry. It's award winning team have a proven track record in the world of commercial and business aviation. 


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